You Chose To Fade

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From dandelion wishes
to the Italian dishes
all with love you made

From this mortal life
fraught with joy and strife
this morning you chose to fade

With the angels to stand
and holding Eston’s hand
you’ve entered into God’s glory

You will be dearly missed
by the lives you have kissed
with the end of your earthly story!

In memory of my dear Aunt Marge who passed away early this morning,
with all my love!

Teresa Marie 4/3/12 ©

8 thoughts on “You Chose To Fade

    1. Thanks Autumn! Although I cried over it this morning, it was neither unexpected nor untimely. She was in a lot of pain.:( I’m only sorry that she had to go on her daughter’s birthday but that was what my cousin wanted and she got her birthday wish of her living to see it. She passed at 4 am today. Thank you again for your kind thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs to you, Terri

    1. Thank you Terry!! She was a beautiful, redheaded Italian lady who loved to leave red kisses on your cheek when you saw her 🙂 She will be dearly missed by her children and the rest of the family!! I know my uncle was glad to see her come home to him though! blessings, Terri


  1. Sorry for your lost. God wanted her more. She is in a better place. Praying peace, comfort and strength for those left behind.


    1. Thanks Francine! I’m sure that my uncle was anxious to see her come home too! 🙂 We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, Terri


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