Well, I guess dad had blood in his stool again this morning and mom took him to the ER. When they got in there, they said his stomach was full of blood. No wonder he had lost his appetite. The went down his throat and clamped off the ulcer. they have given him three more bags of blood and he is resting. They will keep him in the hospital for a few days to see if the clamps are going to hold. If they don’t, they will have to do a more major procedure and sew it closed but they are trying to avoid doing that. 😦 That’s all I know so far. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

What about God?

Okay everybody, I feel like a broken record with the prayer requests here but I am officially freaking out now.  I was worried enough about Penny as it is.

I just got off the phone with mom.  I called to see if dad was eating any better yet and she informed me that they were back to the hospital and he had just gotten out of surgery!!!  I don’t know what’s going on!  She said she would call me back.

I HATE THIS!!!  I can’t jump in the car and drive over to the hospital ’cause it’s 1200 miles away!!!

I called one of my brothers and he had just gotten off work.  He knows nothing of what’s going on either.

We were at about the same place; dad wasn’t eating or sleeping well a couple of days ago.

I NEED A DRINK!!!!  Oh, wait a minute, I quit drinking…

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  1. I agree with you for total healing of your Dad and your friend. Surely Jesus has borne their sicknesses and carried their diseases and by the stripes that He bore on His body they are healed. We rebuke the enemy and every spirit of infirmity, sickness and disease by the authority of the Name of Jesus and through the power of His blood. In Jesus’ Name.
    Blessings, Tom

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