The Latest and Not So Greatest Update On Penny, More Prayers Needed


I’ve been trying to call Penny at the hospital for the last two days but unsuccessful.  Her son just called me about an hour ago to fill me in.

They took her into surgery at 6am yesterday.  They were in there working on her for 10 hours.

They cut out everything that had been done up here with the last 2 surgeries.  Both legs are cut from the soles of her feet to her knees.  The incisions in her groin area are much larger and deeper because they had to install a suction pump tube.

Apparently, during the 1st surgery 5 weeks ago, there was a piece of plastic left in there that has caused sepsis to set in!!!  She is full of infection that they are trying to get under control, so much so that they had to install this tube to keep it pumped out as much as possible.

On top of that, she has pneumonia too.

She is in the ICU on a ventilator and sedated.  They are going to attempt to take her off of that later today and see if she can breathe on her own.  She had been doing well up until last night when her blood pressure plummeted and they had to give her some blood.  So far today, things are better.

Their biggest concern right now is the infection that she is full of and that is what the family is asking that you pray for.  With her diabetes, they are worried about her body’s ability to fight it off sufficiently.

One bit of good news, her foot is regaining is color and warmth!!!  So they think she is pretty much out of danger as far as losing it 🙂  Thank you God!!!!

Please join with me and her children in prayer for her speedy recovery from this current infection and pneumonia!

Thank you all for your continued support!




18 thoughts on “The Latest and Not So Greatest Update On Penny, More Prayers Needed

      1. Hi Terry, Selena has to stay in the hospital this weekend but hopefully they will help her get better so she can come home soon. My brother goes in for his surgery about 5 pm today, so I won’t likely hear anything until tomorrow. Thank you so much for asking, I appreciate that, and will try to keep you updated. Love and hugs to you too ~ Julie xox

    1. Thanks Autumn!! You are such a dear to me!! I just put out another prayer request for dad too!!!! I am crying right now and can barely type but please add him to your prayers today too! I will let everyone know what is going on as soon as I know anything! thank you so much for all your support! love, Terri


  1. I answered you new blog. I’m praying, and please try to stay calm as you can. I know it’s so much at once. Prayers work wonders just hold onto that thought 🙂 love, Autumn

  2. Keep speaking healing. Keep praying for healing. Keep believing that the Lord is continuing the healing process. Keep asking for and speaking his blessing upon her. Keep thanking and praising Him for the good news so far and believe that it will all be good news in each area of her health. BLESS THE LORD. AMEN.

  3. Terri, I’m sorry to hear about Penny and “sepsis”. It will take some time for her recovery, but with the power of prayer we know who the great healer is. Our God is the real physician and healer and our physicians can only use the tools they are given, some better than others. I’ve just read about your dad as well. So sorry your family is going through all this. I’ll keep you all in thought and prayer. Edie

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement!! I know that Penny’s family thanks you as well. I feel like I’m spinning in circles here between the two of them. But we will all get through it as best we can! God bless, Terri

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