Picture It & Write 22; Still Half-full

The wind whipped and pulled my hair; it tugged at my sleeves and buffeted my skirt. The chilling force lifted my clothes and limbs. A sudden blast of wind smacked me down into the moist grass. Tears of pain streaked my cheeks and my dress absorbed the frost. The storm taunted and tormented me. Piercing howls shook not only my ears and mind, but my very core. I threw my hand in front of me and I grasped onto a slick tuft of grass. I couldn’t see more than a few meters ahead. Would this be the end? There was a dark grey haze before me.

– Ermisenda Alvarez




7 thoughts on “Picture It & Write 22; Still Half-full

    1. Thank you Charlie!! Life’s been a little rocky this last month or so but God is with us, ever faithful to give us strength to withstand what has been thrown at us 🙂 blessings, Terri

  1. Great work Terri. Thanks for contributing again this week. I really loved the fighter within the persona, not willing to give in to the wind. Strong emotions conveyed!

    – Ermisenda

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