You’ve Been Great

6 thoughts on “You’ve Been Great

  1. i know this sounds corny as hell, but i consider you a close friend. someone that shares with me, someone who seems to understand what is going on in my life, and i feel like u just don’t make a common notation, u feel what u write when u respond to my stories…….now don’t let this all go to your head or u will walk around lopsided. lolol

    1. I’m still chuckling!! I promise I won’t become a bobble head 🙂 I thank you for what you said and am very humbled by it! I feel we have forged a connection as well. Sympathetic hearts, I think, can feel each others pain. I try hard to always speak from my heart, with compassion and true emotion. I’m very glad to have met you, Terry! You have been wonderful to me and I thank you so much. I felt that I was getting the best of this friendship but now, with that comment, feel that I may have given more back than what I thought :0. hugs, Terri

    1. Thank you Charlie!! You are one of the first friends that I made while doing this blog and I have appreciated my connection with you over the last year very much! Often times, when I feeling a little down, all I have to do is read one of your daily encouragements to lift my spirits. so that blessing goes both ways to be sure! smiles and hugs, Terri

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