A Saturday Update


I have been blessed many times over with the outpouring of love and friendship that you all have shown me!!  My gratitude is deep and wide.


1)  Dad is eating and sleeping well.  He is regaining strength and even walking at times without his cane!!!  Praise God!  He is still having mental clarity issues but we will just keep praying for that one.

2)  I went to see Penny yesterday evening.  She has been transferred to a continued care facility back here in Lafayette.  It’s good to have her close by so that I can see her. 

Our visit was a tearful one.  I was appalled at the condition of her legs and the 2 pump lines that are sucking out the poison from her groin and leg.  The doctors in Indianapolis told her that she will have to be on the antibiotic IV for 6 weeks and then orally for 6 months.

She is a mess 😦  but, as I told her last night, at least she still has her legs and they didn’t have to amputate anything!!  Although she is depressed, she knows this to be the truth.

Those doctors told her that there was so much plastic left in her that caused the sepsis and nearly cost her her life.  

Even though she is not completely out of the woods yet, we know that God has heard our prayers and has His hand in this all.

Penny wanted me to say thank you for her to everyone who prayed for her.  She is deeply touched!!

Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


That’s it for now, kids got places to be and are hurrying me up!

Love and hugs,



10 thoughts on “A Saturday Update

  1. it is not Penny’ time to go. God has much work for her to do. He will heal her with a passion never experienced before. God is working in all of your family members Terri. This is so awesome. For God works great miracles in those that are believers.

  2. It is not our reason to ask why or how come it is for us to just say thank you, praise God. I am so glad you are able to do this with family and friend. Miracles Happen is a sign hanging in my house and that is what has happened with your Dad and Penny, so grateful to God for showing His love in y’alls direction.

    1. Thank you Len!! You were a big part of receiving that miracle too!!! God heard your petitions on our behalf and favored them 🙂 you are a blessing to us all! hugs and love, Terri All glory and honor be His forever and ever! Amen

  3. So very great to hear the progress your precious father is making….and a warm and lovely poem to grace us with…thank you, and i hope he continues to regain his health and strength….
    and for Penny, I will lift her up and pray Godspeed the healing to her body, bless her heart…
    much love

    1. Thank you Celeste!! I didn’t write that poem but rather found it on google 🙂 Your prayers are appreciated ever so much by one and all. God has heard our petitions, hallelujah!!! hugs, Terri


  4. One of the wonders of life, to me, is not asking why God does what he does, but just trusting that he does and finding comfort in that. Blessings to you all.

    1. Amen, Hank! I stopped wondering why he chooses to do what He does a long time ago. I know that no blessings is of our own merit, but rather His design. I do know that I am blessed, as were my family and friends. hugs, Terri


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