A Facade?

8 thoughts on “A Facade?

    1. Amen, Charlie!! I keep telling my eldest to pray for Him to shine a light into the hidden corners so that she can see what lurks in the shadows. Sad to say, but there is so much pretense out there these days that it’s hard to know how true or phony a person really is before it’s too late and they have already hurt you 😦 Thanks for the compliment and I will be over to see you soon! hugs, Terri

    1. Thanks Maria!! Yes, sadly so. Both of my daughters are dealing with the phoniness and backstabbers out there right now and it makes me so sad for them. It’s just hard to know who to trust these days! mega hugs, Terri

      1. It’s hard to know how to help them. They must learn not to put their trust in others, cause we fail each other at times, while not without destroying their ability to trust. There are such major lessons to be learned. One lesson is to go slow with relationships. There is no quick fix for them in getting through these things and learning from them. Prayers for them, Terri!

      2. Thank you Maria!! It is very hard and kids these days are pulled in to many different directions that they pretend to be someone they are not just to be accepted 😦 It is a struggle for find oneself at any age, but really hard for the younger generation. Hugs, Terri

    1. Thanks Terry!! I think you and I have a soul sister connection of sorts, don’t we?! I try to be as real and honest as I possibly can, I’m glad that comes through! hugs and love, Terri

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