Your Friday Morning icanhascheezburger Laughs


6 thoughts on “Your Friday Morning icanhascheezburger Laughs

    1. Thanks Kevin!! I’m glad I could put a smile on your face πŸ™‚ How are you dear friend? And Karen? I’ll bet you have been pretty busy with the planning, haven’t you? I hope you both are well!! love and hugs, Terri

      1. well Theresa karen has been ill for nearly two months and is just going back to work this week she has finally been diagnosed as haveing asthma but eventually they have now got it under control iam glad to say so we are both okay now yes wedding is getting closer but moving slowly no stress iam glad to say and i have lost lots of weight but still cant get into trousers so have a decision to make and time limit to achieve it now or its buy another suit.nice to hear from you i thought the photos were very amusin and karen enjoyed them aswell keep smiling and take very good care and hope all your family is well bye for now from kevin

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