Picture It & Write #24; The Path Of Red



The leaves were glowing bright red, as if they were on fire. The path gleamed and winked at me. The trees spread their branches wide, like arms. My foot stepped in front of the other. The end of the path was obscured. Where would it lead? When I looked down I noticed the blood-stained leaves crushed. There was something tangible in the air, a taste on my tongue. Something dark was hidden here. “Lets go, I’m bored,” my sister whined. She couldn’t see what I could. She couldn’t see the warm, wet blood dripping off the leaves. What secret was hidden in these woods?

– Ermisenda Alvarez



8 thoughts on “Picture It & Write #24; The Path Of Red

  1. Great poem! I really liked how you highlighted the characters need to investigate the red forest but at the same time, was frightened to do so. Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write this week!

    – Ermisenda

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