The Section Gone


4 thoughts on “The Section Gone

  1. OMG!! the way that man’s face is coming off onto the words is just magnificent..and some people lose some sections forever and can never find a resolve.. Miss you and wishing you all the best.. XOXO

  2. Terri — You are one very talented woman … I often cannot determine if I like the poem or the image more … always stunning!! How do you ever manage to discover such images with punch to illustrate your powerful words!! 😀

    1. Thanks Becca!! The images take time to find, I troll the internet for hours sometimes collecting them. I find a lot of them starting out on google images and then find one I like, open up their site and browse through what they have to offer. I also use a lot of unusual search terms like dark, Gothic, angels and demons, etc. It is time consuming but well worth the effort, don’t you think?! I can’t decide which I like more either sometimes 🙂


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