Picture It & Write #25; Free Falling

If I somehow managed to jump out of the airplane, would the clouds catch me? Would they stop my fall? Could I leap, skip, and stroll across the bountiful cloud fields? I wanted to stuff my face with handfuls of cloud, like a child with candy. Sight was not enough. I needed to taste, hear, and feel. I pressed my fingertips against the thick glass. The beauty of the sky overwhelmed me and warm tears streaked my cheeks. I was neither here or there. I was nowhere and yet, everywhere. Now that I had savoured such a heavenly sight, I knew I never wanted to touch the ground again.

– Ermisenda Alvarez


8 thoughts on “Picture It & Write #25; Free Falling

    1. Thanks Anne! I have never even thought of doing it myself but that’s where imagination comes in, huh?, lol! Be over to see yours soon as I can!! hugs…

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