Missing In Action Again

Just wanted to confirm that I am still here, just missing in action!  Yes, I’m sick again 😦  I did call my doctors office and got both good and bad news.

The good news is that it probably is not my ulcers coming back,  thank you Jesus!

The bad new is that it is a virus that seems to be going around; that in my case is going around and around and around!!

Yesterday, I almost had Mark take me to the hospital because my stomach hurt so bad that I laid on the couch in fetal position for hours doubled up with pain.  This cycle around is much worse than the last time was!!

Today I still hurt but at least I can sit up for periods of time and so I thought I would get on here really quick and let you know what is going on.

Hope to be better tomorrow so that I can reply to all of your comments at least 🙂

Love and blessings to you all,



6 thoughts on “Missing In Action Again

  1. Praying for God’s healing hands to reach out and brush your brow, to make your doctors minds sharp and aware of how to treat you. May the angels that guard you my friend know how much you are loved and needed. That they will prevent further harm coming to you or your disease. Praying that love and warmth from Jesus words will fill you with comfort and peace as you read your Bible. Peace Love and Joy my dear friend. Hugzz{{}}

  2. I hesitated to click the “Like” button as I do not like any of this. I had a bad intestinal virus about two weeks ago and was feeling just awful. I can totally sympathize. Bed rest, tea and soup is the best thing for you. Hope you can do all that and I will be praying and wishing good thoughts for you.
    Izzy xoxo

  3. Oh Terri! So sorry to hear you are feeling so sick. In the glass half full corner, it doesn’t sound like PCOS or pancreatitis or anything that will require surgery. Miss you and hope you feel better soon.


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