A Wednesday Update On Things

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Well, it’s been a while since I gave you a status report.  So here goes with the latest new from my household;

1)  As you have probably noticed already, I am starting to feel better.  My prayer is to stay that way this time and not relapse back into this virus again.  Of course, I have now traded for allergies flaring up but I already knew this was going to be a bad season for those with the high pollen counts in our area.  I’d rather deal with that than the gut wrenching pain I was in last week!!

2)  I talked to mom on Sunday and they are planning on leaving to come home on Saturday.  Dad’s doctor appointment is on Friday and barring any unforeseen travel concerns from him, they are more than ready to be back.  Dad said last week when I talked to him that if the doctor said to wait longer, he was going to tell him “See ya next year doc!”, lol.  That’s my dad.

Seriously, if he was not feeling as good as he is now, he wouldn’t chance it but he’s been doing great since they put the clamps on his ulcer!

3)  Penny has been home for 2 or 3 weeks now and doing well.  She had to make an appointment to go see a pain management specialist about her foot.  The more those nerves are waking up, the worse it hurts her.  They didn’t cut her there so we can only surmise that it is from the lack of blood circulation to it that has caused the damage there.

She will go back to Indy on Friday to have some skin graphs done on one of her legs and will be laid up for about a week but her son will come back to stay with her again while she recuperate.  All in all the doctor said her wounds are healing very well considering all the infection that was in there.

She also talked to an attorney about this whole mess and what could be done to make sure that other doctor is held responsible for what he did to her.

4)  Sara is doing pretty good.  Her grades are coming up and she seems in great spirits now that she has a “boyfriend”.  I’m not though!!!  lol, just kidding.  He seems to be a nice enough kid and so we’ll see what happens.

I made her an appointment to start getting some counseling too.  Long overdue but I kept forgetting ’cause I was sick.  My bad.  If her overall demeanor were not so good, I would have taken appropriate action but there has been no “emergency” to it.  Even if the court had not ordered it, I would have gotten her in to someone anyway to help her heal some of the scars that she has.

5)  Shawna is doing much better now.  She has a new job that she is learning and I think she will love it after the initial nervousness wears off.

Okay, I think that should cover everything except for one new development, Mark’s Uncle passed away on Monday (on his father’s side) and one of their other brothers is not doing well either.  Please say a prayer for them in their time of grief.

And, as always, thank you, my friends, for all your thoughts and prayers offered for each of these concerns over the last few months!!  You are a blessing to me and mine!!!

Love and hugs,


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