Fallen Angels (Revisited)

*This has been one of my most viewed poems.  Therefore, I decided to paste it onto the picture and re-post it for those of you who have never seen it.  I hope you enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Fallen Angels (Revisited)

  1. when people question my why i believe in angels, i can go back to your poem. satan is an angel, so why should we expect less, thinking there are not good angels surrounding us. i do believe

      1. It took me a minute to figure out what had happened and then, after I did, I got really nervous about what I was getting ready to do (go pick up some drugs) and that is what saved me from being busted big time that night!! Had the angel not warn me, I wouldn’t probably have spotted the 3 different cars that were following me to the meet! See, angels protect us even when we are doing something bad! Thank God!!!

      2. Yes ma’am!!! I used to wonder “why me?” ’cause Lord knows I didn’t deserve it but now I just have learned to accept it and thank Him every day for it! 🙂 love and hugs…

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