Your Saturday icanhascheezburger Laughs

You can’t get away from Acrobatica!

Where there’s a will there’s a way!!


8 thoughts on “Your Saturday icanhascheezburger Laughs

    1. LOL! Thanks Andrew! I hate them personally. When my teenage daughter asked if she could have one, my respons was “You’re not bringing that thing into my house!” grins, Terri

      1. Good. My buddy has a giant snake, and he actually thinks it’s cute. It has gotten out numerous times in the house, and the entire family doesn’t seem to care! How?!

      2. I have no idea!!!! My husband wanted a snake too and I said no way to that as well!!! We have 3 bearded dragons, a lion’s head rabbit and just got a beagle pup. That’s enough for me 🙂 “I don’t like spiders and snakes…” Who sang that song? lol! Grins, Terri

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