Our Menagerie

I don’t know if I told you about this or not; with everything else going on in the last few months, I doubt that I did.  It’s been about a month ago now that our Rat Terrier (Geezer) and our Jack Russell Terrier (Jack) got out of their pen and ran away.  We waited in hopes that they would come back or that one of our neighbor’s would spot them running loose and return them (which has happened before).  But that hasn’t happened.  With all the coyotes that we have out here, we wondered if they got them.  Hard to say for sure.

So, Friday after work, Mark went to pick up our new beagle puppy.  

His name is Tucker:

Sara was trying to hold him still but he wasn’t cooperating too well!

And here is the rest of our menagerie; 




Stubby (sleeping):

And Bun-Bun or Gizmo depending on my mood (Lion’s Head rabbit):

He kind of reminds me of a Yorkie with the hair around his face, lol!

Just thought I’d share these cuties with you!!  🙂  Have a great day everybody!

Love and hugs, 


10 thoughts on “Our Menagerie

  1. Oh Terri — how heart wrenching to have Geezer and Jack missing and not knowing!!! Tucker is precious … when I was younger I fell in love with a miniature beagle at a summer camp I attended in NC. 😀

    I am not too sure about Rosie, Ozzy or Stubby though 😀 and I’ve never seen or heard of a Lion’s Head Rabbit … I bet a cutie!!!

    1. Yes, we were pretty upset about it! Mark had Ozzie and Sharon (not with us anymore) when I met him. I wasn’t too sure about them either until I started holding them. I love these three we have. They are extremely intelligent creatures in my opinion. Gizmo is adorable!! He has quite the personality too. Thanks for the comment Becca! hugs…

    1. It is truly a joint effort! I don’t like feeding the dragons their crickets though, Mark and Sara take care of that part!! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! We were saddened when they didn’t return. But, I must say, our new miniature beagle is a doll baby! Thanks again for the kind thoughts!!!


    1. They are Bearded Dragons and they are bumpy on the back but their belly’s are really soft. Mark named her Rosie because she is an redish-orange color. We don’t think we’ll be seeing the terriers again, sadly. thanks for the comment and blessings to you and yours, Terri


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