Dreams, Visions or Imagination?

I have a friend who is struggling with this issue right now.  Someone is telling her that they are seeing visions and another person is telling her that they are just dreaming these “visions”.  This is a hard issue to determine for many of us.  

I thought I would do this post for her benefit but also for anyone else who might be in a similar position.

Many of my older followers already know that Mark and I both have had near-death experiences.  Many of you newer ones may not.  Many of you also know that in my late teens I was visited by 3 demons as well.

I know there are those who would swear that I dreamed it about the demons, but (as the Bible says) I KNOW THAT I KNOW this was a true occurence.

There are those out there who don’t believe N.D.E.’s either.  Some think it’s just the last sparks of the dying brain that make you imagine the Light and the tunnel, etc.  Or it’s the medication’s effects on the brain that makes you hallucinate.  I’ve never quite understood how they can think that explanation is plausible because millions upon millions of people have experienced a visit to heaven or hell before they were brought back from the grave and each accounting of what they saw is very similar to the other.  How can everybody imagine the same thing?

I know there are growing numbers of Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/atheists that are converting to Christianity because they have experienced a visit from Jesus Himself in a dream/vision.

I believe in all these things!  I also believe that when people are growing closer to their time, they are more apt to have these visions/visits.  Especially the terminally ill.  

My best friend Penny’s parents both died after bouts with cancer.  Her mother was first.  She told Penny that she was not afraid, that an angel stood outside the window every day watching over her.  When it was time, she went with a smile and repeating “Jesus, Jesus”.

When it was her dad’s turn, he told her that her mother came often to visit and comfort him.  By the time of the end, he was too weak to speak or even move his limbs but at the very end, he repeatedly raised his arms in the air like a child who was reaching out to be picked up in their parent’s arms.

When Mark’s 8-year-old step-daughter had a cancerous brain tumor and had gone home for her final days, she told Mark that an angel came to her room and talked with her several times a day to comfort her and tell her all about heaven.  He told her not to be afraid and that he would be there to take her when the time was right.  She told him not to worry ’cause she wasn’t scared at all!!

I could go on and on about this and some of the things that I know, but it’s up to you whether you want to believe them or not.  The trickster makes you want to doubt them; to give scientific explanations for them; to logically account for something that is supernatural and logic can’t explain.  

But, as always, this is where faith and trust in God comes into play.  Either you are going to believe Him or not.  

The only thing I want to say to you, my friend, is don’t allow someone else’s unbelief sway you from your acceptance of what they are telling you.  If you just blow it off as “dreams”, then you are the one who will be caught unprepared for their passing and not them!  For they will be going in peace and I believe that your mother did come and spend time with him yesterday, most definitely!!!  I think she may be back before it’s done too. My advice to you is it’s better to believe him and God than not!

My love and prayers are with you both!!

16 thoughts on “Dreams, Visions or Imagination?

  1. i am sitting here after reading this with no words coming in my mind, but tears flowing, because i know you speak the truth. you have had too many experiences, and i have no choice but to believe. i am going to have to work on this in my mind, changing to accepting what is happening. my brother is going to leave me. he is going to go home to see our mom. oh, bird what am i going to do without him. i love him so much………….how will my life go on? i know this sounds so selfish, i know it does. i need time to adjust my thinking. i want to give you a hug, i want to hug you for being so honest with me in the gentleness that i know you have. don’t feel bad for my tears, it is common for me being an emotional person. i love you my friend………..thank you for this special post

    1. My tears are joined with yours Terry!! I KNOW how hard this will be for you. Your life has had only one purpose for so long now, caring for Al, and when he’s gone you are going to be floundering at sea. My heart is breaking for you, not him. He is going to such a joy and peace that is indescribable!! It’s the ones left behind who suffer. That is one of my biggest fears with Mark, what if he goes before I do? I shutter at the thought. Although we only have been together for eight years, I feel like I’ve always been with him. And even knowing what happens next for the person who is gone doesn’t make it easier. I know that’s selfish on my part too. I know it’s mean of me to want to go first and leave him behind to suffer! But, hunny, we are only human!!!! We strive to always act with love, as Jesus tells us to, but our emotions are based of this earth.
      That’s why I have instructed my family that when my time comes, there had better be a good old-fashioned Irish wake thrown for me or I’ll come back to haunt them, lol! I just think it will be easier for them to deal with my passing by celebrating my life!!! We Irish are really some pretty smart people 🙂
      I love you too Terry and you can e-mail me any time you’d like to talk more about this. I will make myself available to support you whenever you need it!!!!
      Hug Al for me and tell him you believe him. Then he will feel more open about talking to you. Tell him you’re happy he got to see your mom, stuff like that. It will help you both. xoxoxo

      1. Today Terri, the Hospice nurse said for the first time Al’s heart is stopping for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. It scares the hell out of me. She said to watch him. I could when he was being still as in sleeping. I did notice that his breathing would stop and then seconds later he would take a big gasp of air. Is this the beginning of yet another stage?

      2. I would have to think so, Terry. I had the same thing on Tues. Mark was still sleeping at 2:30 so I went to check on him. Normally a deep breather in his sleep, I can easily see the rise and fall of his chest. On Tuesday I saw nothing. I stood still a few more seconds with my heart pounding I touched his shoulder, which normoally would have woken him up, nothing. I burst out crying and then started shaking him. He jerked awake then and said “What?” I had to run out of the room so he wouldn’t see me bawling. I told one of my claying friends that I keep trying to focus on the positive, ‘God gave us a warning sign instead of a heart attack, but to what purpose is the question I’m asking now. Was it so that he could get help to stay alive, if so then why is it such a rare kind of heart disease that has no cure and is difficult to treat? Or was it rather a warning for me to prepare myself for losing him?
        I don’t know, Terry. I never, ever thought my faith could be shaken again in this lifetime but I’m having a hard time praying – I’m so overwhelmed on many different levels.
        So, I know EXACTLY what you are going through, dear friend, and yet for once I am stumped on what to tell you other than, we have no control over any of it; whatever happens happens according to His wishes and not ours. So we can fret and worry to the moon and back but it won’t make one iota of a difference except to maybe give us an ulcer. That’s what I’ve started to remind myself when I am tensing up over the money, the bills, the medications, etc.
        I miss you, give Al a hug and tell him I said that I will pray for the angels to come visit him and say hello to him for a minute.

  2. Terri, I am amazed that you posted this today. Yesterday a good friend told me of a book she’s reading about a man who says that he died and was taken to heaven but was restored to life. It’s not that I believe this can’t happen but only that we should test everything – I’m sure you do. We should test every spirit, using the Word of God, praying and asking the Lord to show us what is true in each case, according to His Word that the Spirit brings home to our hearts.

    When I was a baby Christian, sometimes I had dreams that were from God. I believe they were because their content was holy and their symbols were symbols from the Bible. They left me with joy and a feeling of purity.

    I believe finally that we should ask God with all our hearts for discernment, that we shouldn’t quench the Spirit too by the way either.

    This is a difficult area for me. When she’s finished reading the book, my friend is going to lend it to us. I have read one book about a N.D.E. and it didn’t convince me. Once you get into books about the subject you’re in a whole new place, because books involve money and so the Enemy can come in. If like yourself, someone is relating their experience, we need to pay attention and seek the Lord, and rejoice if we discern that He’s given something good as our Father, in love. And really pray for the persons involved.

    Sorry for being so lonnnnngggggg winded,
    love to you and Terry too!

    1. Thanks Maria!! I don’t care how long it was!!! Everything you said is very true! I came out of my experience with a renewed connection to the Holy Spirit that was fiercely powerful. That was the only way that I prayed too. I felt things in my spirit with such clarity as to leave me with no doubt as to the side of the coin they were coming from. I go back at times and read through some of my poems and think to myself, did I really write that? Many times I don’t think I did, but rather my spirit within me gave me the message that God wanted me to pass on. I don’t like to say that too much because it may sound pompous or grandiose, but it also the truth of how I feel.
      You are very right about using discernment. We fail to believe/trust/ and connect with the Holy Spirit anymore as in the days of the Bible and I think our world shows the results of that disbelief. People tend to think a lot of this stuff only happened back in the days of the Apostles, but God is no respecter of persons – if it happened then, it can happen now, I believe!
      And always prayer is necessary in all things!! love you too!!!!

      1. Yes, those days aren’t over. Plus I believe we could really be approaching the End of the Age, when these things will happen more. As you say, prayer and discernment and testing everything. So glad that Terry has a friend in you (me too)!

      2. As I cherish the both of you as well Maria!! I believe that we are all connecting right now like never before so that we can help and support each other during these trying times as God’s children are supposed to do! xoxo

  3. Dear Terri, thank you for posting this. Maria sent me a link so I could read it. I have Richard Sigmund’s book “My Time in Heaven” which is amazing. He didn’t have a NDE; he was dead for 8 hours following a single car crash. His book is entirely everything he was allowed to see in Heaven before Jesus sent him back to earth. I love reading about Heaven since I look forward to going there in the next few years from my bone marrow disease; I want to make my last years ones of encouragement to family and friends~ the surety Heaven is mine because of Christ!. I enjoyed so much reading your post because it matches 200% the experiences written about by a hospice nurse who chronicles the deaths of about 40 of her patients. Isn’t it just like our loving Heavenly Papa to make the death of one of His children so joyful, so exciting to them that they can see Jesus and/or His angels waiting for them and even reach out to Him/them when they die?! It makes THEIR death joyous to them, and gives such comfort to those left behind knowing they’ll be reunited with them. O Grave, where is your sting? It was left behind in the our Savior’s empty tomb.

    1. Thanks Jenise for the comment and sharing your thoughts with me! I agree with these things being given for a twofold reason, for the ill person’s comfort and also for those being left behind. God is good to us!!!! Maria told me about the book, I’ll have to look for it at the library and check it out. I have read several different ones similar to it over the years. I actually have one written by a hospice nurse too, I wonder if it’s the same one you have? I can’t remember what the title is but I would probably recognize it if I saw it. Thanks again for stopping by and blessings to you and yours, Terri

  4. I came over to read from Terry’s post. I’ve had some dreams (I’ll call them that because they WERE while I was sleeping…but I feel pretty strongly they were messages from God) over the years. One very recently that just blew my socks off & started me in a new direction about learning more about the Holy Spirit. I’ve been hesitant to talk or post about it because quite frankly, I’ve never been around others who have had these experiences – or at least talked about them – and feared that people would think I was a little crazy. Oh, some people still will…..Yesterday, our pastor talked about the Spirit & told us of one of his experiences & now Al’s and yours. I had prayed, asking God to tell me if & when I was supposed to share…maybe all this is my answer……think it may be time to start. Thanks for your post.

    1. Hi Chrystal! Thanks so much for the comment and sharing your thoughts with me. I was a bit nervous about it the first time I spoke openly about the Holy Spirit and praying in the Spirit. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in it. Being raised Catholic, I had never heard of people doing it except in the Bible so I freaked out as an adult when a attended a First Assembly of God Church and people were doing it openly. I never knew what I was missing out on until I received the Holy Fire baptism! I think you probably are seeing/hearing messages in your dreams. Like Maria said, when something like that happens, check it against what the Bible says and pray about it. If it contradicts what is in the Scripture, then it’s not from God. And I also think you should talk about it too. A vision is to be shared for the benefit of others, that’s why they are given in most circumstances Thanks for coming by and reading!! blessings, Terri.

      1. I have received a couple of “looks” when I’ve talked about my experiences…not even dreams but what I cll GCs (God Coincidences) but there have been some positive responses, too. Guess there will always be some who think I’m crazy. 🙂 I’ve never heard anyone speaking in tongues or anything & like I said, usually don’t even hear people talk about it. My pastor told me he sometimes prays in tongues…is that what you mean by praying in the Spirit? Although I’ve doubted my experiences sometimes afterward (the enemy perhaps?), God usually confirms it for me by showing me scripture or other people afterwards. He’s knows I’m a doubter about what I’m experiencing. Thanks for the encouragement & for telling me to share. I’ve wondered…I know that I’m always encouraged to hear about others’ experiences (I know I keep using that word…not sure what to call them) so maybe others will be encouraged by me sharing, too. Maybe there are more people out there that are nervous about telling…because THEY don’t hear others talking about it either. I know that when I’m open & vulnerable about some things, others open up more, too. Sorry, I’m rambling a little…

      2. I tend to ramble sometimes too! I don’t care if you do though. It’s hard to have people look at you like your a “fanatic” or something when you talk about praying in tongues (and yes that’s what I mean). I guess it helped me a lot to get over it when I found out that my husband was sneaking around so that he could listen to me pray without me knowing it. I said he loved the sound of it and it calmed tremendously to listen to me. There are some people who have called me crazy to my face when I talk about it but Mark and my children are the only ones who have ever actually heard me doing it! I don’t worry about what others think of me anymore, they can think I’m bonkers if they want to, I only care about what God thinks 🙂 hugs, Terri

  5. thank you Bird, this is all i can get out is thank you. i don’t know what i would do without you. you seem to be not only my first,,,,,but my angel also. i will always treasure our friendship, and when that day comes for Al, i will be leaning on you once again.

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