Some Family News Sharing Time!

Well, this just doesn’t seem to be our year :(, not only have I been sick most of the Winter, we had: dad in intensive care twice; Penny with the three bypass surgeries, in intensive care once, almost losing both of them ; Mark’s dad admitted to the hospital once; my aunt in Florida died; the whole court thing with Sara that still is final until we go back in June; Sara being bullied at school; Shawna’s near nervous breakdown; and our terriers running off.  Now:

A week ago Monday, Mark’s dad received a call from one brother in Florida to tell him their other brother down there passed away.  This past Monday he received a call from his Nephew saying that they had found his sister had passed.  And he has another brother that they have been expecting to go any day now!

I had called Al the first Monday and talked with him for a little while and, even though they knew it would be coming probably sometime this year, they didn’t expect him to pass on before the one that’s still here, and he was quite saddened.

I didn’t find out about his sister until late Monday night ’cause Mark forgot to tell me, so I called Al on Tuesday and the first thing he said to me was, “I don’t think I want to see another Monday came, EVER!  I told him how very sorry I was and we chatted for a few more minutes.

Then Mark comes home from his doctor appointment last evening to inform me that he has to go get an MRI done on his back.  He just was referred to a Pain Management Specialist for the pain he has in there from his arthritis.


Penny is doing much better.  She went in on Monday and had her skin graphs on her leg done but the doctor said he couldn’t get the ones for her groin to take.  I don’t know what will happen with that but they can’t leave her with a hole there either.  She now has to go to a Pain Mngt. Spec. too for her newly developed fibromyalgia.  Still, all in all, she is doing better and happy to be home.

Mom and dad got back from Florida on Sunday evening, hallelujah!!  Dad seems to be feeling pretty good.  I haven’t got to go over there yet ’cause I’m still not feeling very good and don’t want to expose him to anything.

Well, I think that about covers it for now!  Please say a prayer for Al in his time of grief.  Thanks everybody!!

Love and hugs,




13 thoughts on “Some Family News Sharing Time!

    1. Thanks sweetheart!! I think it’s time for Mark’s dad to get a break anyway!!! I’m holding on to all the good that has happened too!!! Not losing dad or Penny was a miracle in itself and way out weighs me being sick so much 🙂 love and hugs…

  1. Hugzzz my friend {{{}}} for you need them so much. God is with you and all be as He wills but your burdens He will hold if you just ask.

    1. Thanks David!! I’m glad that we got the bullying situation taken care of for Sara, I know you were concerned about it – your so sweet! After I talked to the Principle at school, he got on it that very same day and before school was out, he went to see Sara and told her that even though they denied it, he believed her and had taken care of it. He said if they started up again to let him know immediately and he would address it appropriately! I really like this guy, too bad she will be in a different school next year. Hope you are well!! hugs, T

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