“I May Be Going Insane, But…” – Part 1

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Tess and Joe lived together in a Mobile Home Park that was known for its drug activity; from users to dealers to gang members.  They each had their own addictions; Tess was a “meth head” and Joe was a “freebaser”.  This is how the two had met in the first place, at their dealer’s house, soon after which Joe asked her out.  

Tess turned him down the first few times that he  had asked, but finally gave in after they had become such good friends.  It was love from then on.  She moved out of where she lived three days later, moved in with Joe and never looked back.

Tess had some pretty high up connections through her ex-roommate, who was one of her dealers.  The supply was abundant and rarely did they have to wait for it.  On one occasion, Tess did something that she hardly ever did, she stayed up doing her meth for three days straight.  (She knew a lot of people that would go for five, six and even seven days but she had a rule to always sleep on the third night.)

Joe had been asleep for a couple of hours and Tess was designing some posters to make for their bedroom when she thought she heard something outside.  (She normally was not the perpetual peeper in the house, Joe was.  It made her paranoid to keep peeking out the blinds.)  Beings that there had been some thefts in the neighborhood lately, she decided to look and see if anyone was outside their trailer.

As Tess moved from one window to another, the paranoia began to rise from the pit of her stomach.  The kitchen window, which faced the street, was the last one that she checked.  Just as she was about to walk away from it, she saw something move in the yard across the street.  After waiting for a minute to calm herself down, she looked out once more.  Staring at the spot for several seconds, there it was again!!  Someone was hiding behind the big oak tree in their yard!

Tess dropped the blind back into place and then walked through the dining area into the living room (which in their trailer were all connected with no walls to separate them) and shut off the lamp that she had been using, thereby plunging the room into darkness except for the nightlight in the hallway leading back to the bedroom.

Very quietly, doing her best not to run into anything, she made her way back to the blinds.  This time, Tess peeked out from the other side so as to have a better angle on the neighbor’s trailer and yard.  Sure enough, she could see the outline of someone hiding behind the tree.  As Tess watched them, she saw them signaling to someone else further back in the shadows of the yard.  All of the sudden, she could make out two more forms moving towards the first one in a crouched, duck walk, type of manner.

Dropping the corner of the blind back down again, panic started to take hold of her.  Her heart was racing almost as fast as her mind was.  She had been up doing meth for three days without a lick of sleep and thoughts were bouncing through her head so fast that she could barely consider one before she had another.

The impulse to keep watching was overwhelming.  Tip-toeing she moved to the window in the living room and looked out that one for several minutes before she realized what she was looking at.

The neighbor next door to them had their porch light on.  Their little red Nova sat directly in front of their house and the porch light lit up the whole side of their car very brightly.  As Tess slowly realized it, movement caught her eye!  There was someone standing on the deck stairs of their trailer and she could see their shadow in the light reflection of the car!!

Now her head was pounding as hard as her heart was.  Okay, a couple of people would be thieves but this many of them could only mean one thing, cops!!   to be continued

Teresa Marie 5/24/12 ©

11 thoughts on ““I May Be Going Insane, But…” – Part 1

    1. LOL! You guys crack me up with your impatience! I bet you are one of those, like I used to be when I could read, who stay up all night with a book ’cause you can’t find a good place to stop! 😉 Part two is out today and I may just carry it all the way to the end so you people don’t die from the suspense! hugssss

      1. before the glaucoma I was an avid reader of 4-5 books of 300+ pages per week, alas I then discovered facebook and the glaucoma came along. even now I try hard to read but after being on the computer most of the day I have to wait. I now read my bible daily on the net. I will take days off when the eyes get real bad. so glad you finished it for us! hugzzz (())

      2. It’s not my eyesight that’s the problem with me, it’s the short-term memory thing, first of all. I have to keep backing up ’cause I forget what I read. And, second of all, I can’t read more then a chapter or so before I fal asleep. It pitiful to me who used to read like you did too 🙂 I miss it a lot! xoxo

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