Guess What?!

I have had the pleasure to catch that stomach virus AGAIN!!  I thought I finally managed to break the cycle but, alas, I begun a new one 😦  Hoping and praying this one doesn’t last as long as the last one did!!  So we will be hit and miss with the posts and replies for the next few days, at least.  I’m sorry!

love and hugs to all,


23 thoughts on “Guess What?!

  1. Heavenly Father we praise and thank you for placing your healing hands upon our dear friend terri , Father she needs your angels to keep her stomach calm , her appetite strong and her loving family around her to stay well. Father we praise and thank you for your healing hands let her be well now in your son Jesus name Amen

    1. You made me cry! Thank you for the beautiful prayer and loving thoughts Len!!! It truly means a lot to me 🙂 and I will add my Amen to yours too! God bless your sweet heart, T

    1. Thank you Izzy!! I just can’t seem to get a break for more than a week from this darn thing!!! I have been resting for the last few days completely, don’t think I have been on here since Friday or Sat. My days are all messed up! I posted my daily thoughts and Scripture posts as Monday and today is Tuesday, I just realized!! lol, oh well 🙂 love and hugs, T

    1. 😉 That is what I think of every day but just haven’t had the energy to do and that makes me sad ’cause I get my daily chuckles to when I do my posts! Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes, T

    1. Thanks Edith!! I will take them!! I think I’m in the later stages of this darn thing but it just takes me so much longer than normal people with good immune systems. If it’s a three day virus for them, I can count on it lasting me a week or more 😦 The worse part is it puts me at risk for an MS attack on my brain and that’s what scares me. I’ve come so far from the last time and I don’t ever want to get hit like that again!!! Praise God, my remission has lasted over 6 years now, almost 7!!!!! hugs, T

      1. Thanks Edie!! Yes, the MS is more worrisome than the length of the virus. I have been taking it easier this time around than I did the last time and getting more consistent rest. Thanks for the thoughts and blessing!!!! Always greatly appreciated! hugs, T

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