Still Sick! And Sick of It!!

Yes, I am still sick but getting there!  I tried to respond to everybody’s comments, if I missed yours, I’m sorry :(.  I read as many new posts as I could but I have to go lay down again now.  I will try to come back later!

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes ’cause I really does mean a lot to me!!!

Love and hugs, Terri

12 thoughts on “Still Sick! And Sick of It!!

  1. A friend of mine owns a small water well service business, and as a result I have half o dozen of his company t-shirts. I wear them almost everyday, even though they’re getting pretty worn. The logo on the front says “The Well Man”, and I get asked a lot, “Are you the well man?” I used to answer with the explanation about my friend and his company, but then I decided, heck with that. Now when anyone asks, I answer with, “Yes, I am the “well man”. All that said, I am dispatching an angel to you at this very moment to sprinkle well dust over you. I expect, momentarily, a report of your wellness and sightings of you running outside to play. (Smiling can be a healing agent, you know?)

  2. Love Charles response! I can’t top that but please know you DO NOT have to post for a while if it will allow you to rest and heal we will all be here when you get better. Please take care of yourself and know you are in our thoughts and we are praying for your speedy recovery! hugzz {{{}}}

    1. Thanks Len! And, yes, Charles’ response was superior!! As was your prayer earlier! I have been resting more this time than I did the last and not pressuring myself to post or even write anything new. But sometimes that bugs me even more, OCD I guess, lol! hugzzz to you too 🙂

    1. Thanks Terry! I have an appointment next week but I already know it’s a virus. The problem is my MS and Thyroid have destroyed my immune system so, once I catch something, it takes forever to get over it 😦 hugs, T

      1. oh now i understand my friend. you need to live in an area where the temps are the same all year round. now if u choose Hawaii, make sure to swing by here and pick me up!!!!

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