My Pride and Joys

Okay, my hands are not the most steady!  

Sara and the 8th grade choir

Sara and her boyfriend Kevin

Sara, Kevin and Ty

Emily Grace and the Bass she caught!

Christopher James and the catfish he caught!

Shawna, C.J. and Em

Our owls –
don’t know what kind they are but
we found out today that there are 6 babies and their momma

The robins weren’t happy that
this little guy got one of their babies!


8 thoughts on “My Pride and Joys

  1. Awesome, T. Love that look on Sara’s face when she glances at you from the choir. Great looking family, great looking fish, and very cool on the owls. Amazing birds, and ruthless for the poor robin. Circle of life!

    1. Yes, such is life Hank! I think that was priceless how Sara made sure to let me know that she saw me there. My daughters are both so sweet and deeply loved, as are my son and grandchildren. I need to get new pictures of him and his son so that I can post them too. The owls are really cool and I hope they stay around for a while, I like hearing them at night and they keep the mice and chipmunks out of the house!! lol. hugs, T

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