Off And Running, Or Stumbling Is More Accurate!

Today is Sara’s graduation from Junior High to High School!!  A very big day for her that I wouldn’t miss for the world, no matter how sick I felt!  Gotta get cleaned up and then be off.  I have to stop on the way to school and get her a single red rose and a card.  I will take plenty of pictures with the camera on my phone and upload them when I get back later this afternoon.  

I also have some new pic’s of Shawna and her babies from last weekend to share.  Wait until you see the fish my sweetie pies caught!  They were so excited too 🙂

Plus, we have 6 additions to our menagerie!  Mark and I have been hearing some sort of small owl for a while now but were unable to spot it.  The other morning when he was leaving for work, he yelled back into the house, “Baby!!  Come here, you gotta see this!”

I went outside and he pointed out a small mother owl on one branch, three babies on another and two more on yet another.  Last night they were closer to the ground and I tried to get pictures of them but they blend into the trees so well you could barely see them.  I’m hoping that I can lighten them on my photo shop enough to post them!!!

Back later,


2 thoughts on “Off And Running, Or Stumbling Is More Accurate!

    1. Thanks Izzy!! I just downloaded the pictures and will do a post with them in a few minutes!!!! Sara looked so sweet too 🙂 xoxo


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