President Ronald Reagan; A Video From My Mom – Very Moving

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Beautiful if you haven’t already seen this.
Here’s something that we should all see, quite moving and moved me. Hope
you view and share this with those you care for This video is amazingly

9 thoughts on “President Ronald Reagan; A Video From My Mom – Very Moving

  1. Unfortunately it was Ronald Reagan’s presidency that began the conservative dismantling of the New Deal and the resulting fall of the middle class into poverty; by bringing about the return of the boom and bust cycle that led to the crash in 2008 and the resulting recession.

    1. LOL! I knew you wouldn’t like this post, David, so your comment wasn’t unexpected. Your opinion has value to me, always, whether I agree with you or not. hugs…

      1. As a poet I have always been more interested in truth than in political rhetoric. So as a rule I tend to ignore the rosy political propaganda {empty words} and focus on what I can see with my own eyes. After all even Christ said that: “They shall be known by their fruits.”

      2. His faith is what I find the most moving about this video, I’m not much on politics and usually stay away from those discussions. xxXxx

  2. Which is why politicians like Reagan get away with doing so much damage to our economy while being admired. Even more ironic is that Saul’s consulting with the witch of Endor {expressly forbidden in the Bible} was the final recorded act of his fall from grace and led to both his death and the loss of Israel’s battle with the philistines. Yet it was Nancy Reagan the wife Ronald Reagan admired by Christians who is well known to have consulted with Astrologists who claim to communicate with the dead and practice witchcraft.

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