Don’t Know About You, But I Needed This Today!!

I posted this link before but for those of you who missed it or just may need to see it again;

Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill performing “How Great Thou Art” and receiving a standing ovation



11 thoughts on “Don’t Know About You, But I Needed This Today!!

  1. Since we’re country music fans, they are 2 of our favorites and I have seen this and it is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing, Terri, and blessings for a great weekend! xo

  2. Glorious voice singing praises that touch the heart. She is truly singing from her heart.
    Vince Gill makes his guitar cry as he plays. A wonderful video. Thanks for posting it. I had never seen it.
    Blessings …..

    1. Oh, you didn’t know what you were missing until now then!!! I cry every time I watch it – so a fabulous performance by them both!! I’ve never heard a guitar sing like that! hugs…


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