This is your view. Tell me…  Are you drowning (literally/metaphorically)? Is this a memory? Are you scared or having fun? I want you to completely immerse yourself in the image and just start writing. Go!


#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place

by kellieelmore

10 thoughts on “FREE WRITE FRIDAY; TIME & PLACE – Drifting

    1. Thanks Charlie!! I just got lucky with the picture when I explored Google for something similar 🙂 As far as feeling better, I hope to be soon since we now have an idea of what’s wrong with me. We’ll see. Mark stopped and got all my new med’s last night after work and I started them immediately. Thanks for asking!!!! xxxxx

  1. Terri!!!! Hey honey!!! I was so happy to see your link in the comments! Thank you so much, I’m thrilled to have you back! I must say, I love your image you included and the ending words about letting go is perfect! “Let go and let God.” If we could only allow ourselves to do this, what peace we would find, right? Beautiful poetry/prose, Terri! xoxoxox

    1. I have hardly missed any of them Kellie! I’ve been wondering where you were. Of course, I’ve been sick lately too though so we may have just been missing each other! Glad that you liked it. xoxo

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