More Family Pictures to Share and a Quick Update:

More from the 60th Anniversary Party:

Keith, Kevin, Hugh, me
Dad, Mom, and Kate 

Mark, me and Shawna

Kevin’s Family

Keith’s Family

Kate and Cullen


My children, grandchildren and step-children:

Blaine and Trenton

Emily and Christopher

Krista and Kayla (Mark’s daughters)

Ashlyn (Sara’s sister)

And this is my Aunt Marge who recently passed away, with my cousin Nini:


Due to the fact that I am sitting here light headed because of the heat index rising and no air-conditioning at the moment (not to mention the risk to my computer); I will be posting late at night for the next few days until Mark gets our window units put in.  During the cooler hours, I will be able to sit here and do this without exposing the computer to undue stress and my body.

Sorry if this causes any confusion but we do what we have to at times like this 🙂

Love and blessings to all,


8 thoughts on “More Family Pictures to Share and a Quick Update:

  1. Such a beautiful family and your parents wow still very attractive!. Remember to keep hydrated and if necessary wet washcloths with cool water and place around your neck and pulse points especially with your conditions and won’t hurt the kids either. Just remember water water water. Take care ((Hugs))

    1. Thanks for the compliments Len!! Also for the tips too; I had forgotten about the wet washcloths trick, we used to do that at work, and you are right – the heat is hard on my conditions, especially on the MS. hugsssss

  2. Beautiful family ~~ take heed in the heat!! I agree with the hydration — and a wet cloth around your neck and even the soles of your feet. If it gets really hot — dunk your head under the faucet — a cooler head keeps the body cooler!! xox

    1. Okay, I updated the post and labeled who the pictures were of. Now you’ll know who I am 🙂 Take note, I hate my pictures 99% of the time, lol! But my family, kids, and Mark all look great!

  3. Terri,
    “I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.”
    He grows our hearts to fit in more people to love.

    (I’ve responded so much today because I’ve set my subscriptions to ‘weekly’.)

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