Free Write Friday; Image Prompt; Their Secret

#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

by kellieelmore

14 thoughts on “Free Write Friday; Image Prompt; Their Secret

  1. Love it!!!
    Glad I had your photo … as I know I can always click on your photo to enlarge the it and see the details (I need to learn that trick for posts on WP)!! Looks like my kind of photo – definitely dealing with pixies and fairies — hmmmm, I may need to work on something – to pull me out of the doldrums!! xoxo 😀

  2. Terri, you’re getting really good with your quotos! This one is beautiful!~ Glad to have you back this week. I am really looking forward to emailing and catching up on things. Working on a new book now so I have even less time 😦 You are in my thoughts always, friend.

    Thanks for writing…lovely, magical read. (and love the mystery about the secret!)

    1. Thanks Kellie! I know you have been busy and I’m not impatient either 🙂 We will get caught up when you are less stressed for time! You are never far from my thoughts either sweetheart! love and hugs, T

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