8 thoughts on “Myself

  1. i have to say, i feel like i have been hiding the real me for so long that i dont even know who i am anymore, it is a weakness of mine, i have always been whatever that particular person at the moment needs me to be for them.. none of the people around me know the full me, i always share bits and pieces of my life with all of the people, never the full me.. SO right now its a struggle for me because i am trying to stop being what everyone else wants to be, i am trying to find myself, figure out who i am and just be comfortable being that person whether anyone likes it or, what makes me feel so bad is that im only just realising and trying to be myself at the late age of 23.. You are the only person that i have ever been able to tell my true feelings to..XOXOXO.. thats why i am greatful for meeting, i went on a huge rant.. all i wanted to say was your poem is so close to my heart, and beautifully written mum dearest!! huge hugs and kisses.. 🙂

    1. You know that you can “rant” to me any time you want, dearest heart!!! I appreciate the fact that you trust me enough to be yourself and I am honored that you think me worthy of such trust! You know I love you as though you were my own and standing right in front of me!!!! We will have that private chat soon sweetheart! It may be late at night for me (due to heat) and early morning for you but I will e-mail you this weekend, I promise!!!!! xoxoxo ❤

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