This Isn’t Eternity!

7 thoughts on “This Isn’t Eternity!

    1. Thank you Terry!! Something’s been nagging at me that needs to be said today and I think I finally got there, I feel more at ease now that I wrote this one, lol; I know, I’m a freak 😉 xxxoxxx

      1. if you are a freak, than so am i, because you are one of my closest friends on here!!!! i m happy for you if what has been bothering you has been able to be resolved.

      2. Thanks Terry!! Although we have just recently met, I feel like I’ve known you forever!! That’s the way it was when I first met Penny too, a sign of a lasting friendship I guess 🙂 xxxxx

  1. you are an awe~inspiring poet and messenger for God. Your faith and what you write is helping me to regain my faith which has been sorely missing for quite some time. so freak you may be but you are the best kind . thank you for helping my spirit in these faithless times.

    1. Alright Len!! you brought tears to my eyes again with your kind words and praise!!! I am very humbled by them, sister freaky!! lol. You are most welcome too for any inspiration or comfort that you find in my posts, I’m happy they help. blessings and love, Terri

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