Wednesday’s Quote From Clarence Budington Kelland

8 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Quote From Clarence Budington Kelland

  1. i see a lot of my father in me. he was a slow driver, so am i. he loved working with his hands and with wood, so do i. he was too picky, and unfortunately, so am i. he had a gutter mind, and so do i. lol

      1. I think the thing that keeps my sarcasm funny and not abrasive is the fact that I use it in regards to myself more often than I do with others 🙂 I learned a long, long time ago how to laugh at myself, thank God!

      2. Speaking of mind drifting, I forgot to do an update post on court today, lol! I’ll do that in a minute, but it went good all in all ’cause we don’t have to go back!!!!! xxxx

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