End Of These Weekly Series; Sorry

Today I got the following e-mail:

Hi there,

We have received a DMCA Takedown Notice (http://chillingeffects.org/dmca512/faq.cgi#QID130) for the following material published on your WordPress.com site:


As per the DMCA’s requirements, we have disabled public access to the material. If you do not have the legal rights to distribute the material, you are required to permanently delete the post and/or content and let us know when this has been done.

Republishing this material without permission of its copyright holder – or continuing to publish material that results in DMCA Takedown Notices – will result in a permanent suspension of your WordPress.com site and account. Publishing such material is a direct violation of the WordPress.com Terms of Service (http://wordpress.com/tos/), which you agreed to upon registration.


I had not realized that I was doing anything wrong by copying these to my site to share with you.  I was not trying to take credit for writing these posts either.  But, now that I know, I will be removing them from my blog.  😦

I will be suspending the Weekly Sermons as well until I find out if it’s okay for me to repost them or not.

I know that there are several of you out there that have been following these posts and I do apologize that they will no longer be available.

If you want to get on their mailing list so that you may continue to receive their teachings, here is their site: http://messianicbible.com

11 thoughts on “End Of These Weekly Series; Sorry

    1. Well, don’t despair yet Len. I am going to e-mail these two places that I get them from and see if I can get permission to reprint their e-mails. Stay tuned for more news soon. 🙂

  1. Terri, I hate to see this happen to you – sorry it did. The thought of you getting a notice like this upsets me. It was an innocent mistake that received a form-letter response.

    When I first put up my website, I had a fashion page which showed what the characters in my novel might have looked like in period dress. At the bottom of the page, I linked to the art site (a site that sells copies of prints) from which I simply copied these paintings. The webmaster never notified me of my wrongdoing, just blocked me from their site. If anyone jumped from my site to their site they found themselves blocked too. It was embarrassing. I took the whole page down but perhaps should have left it, searching and copying the same images from Wikipedia.

    Bless you! I know you were giving us a good good thing.

    1. Thank you Maria!! I was really sad that they notified me in such a stern manner like I was purposely doing something wrong. It also saddens me that the Messianic Bible people said they could not give me permission to reprint the Torah Portions but asked me to refer my readers to their site instead. I know that there were several of you out there that enjoyed these as much as I did 😦 Oh well, God knows me intentions were good! But, unfortunately, they made me paranoid now about everything I do and getting in trouble for it. Bummer!!! hugsssss

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