picture it & write #33; I Knew

– Invaders by *syda-ginger

We shared wet, warm kisses. My lover caressed my neck with her lips. While I faced the windshield I noticed a vague outline. Who was standing there? “What’s wrong?” My lover cooed. Suddenly, she gasped in shock. I turned the key in the ignition and the lights flooded the standing figure. The sight of my exposed daughter shivering in the silent night paralysed me. Tears streamed down her face. There was blood on her neck. I jumped out of the car and rushed to embrace her. My heart was beating furiously in my chest. Unexpectedly, I felt a painful pinching sensation on my neck and pushed her away. My blood dripped from my daughter’s lips before she let out a demonic screech.

 Ermisenda Alvarez



13 thoughts on “picture it & write #33; I Knew

    1. Thanks Babygirl!!! Been too hot to turn my computer on for very long. I’ll e-mail you back as soon as the weather cools down. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  1. Was it wrong of me to find this one funny? Not that any of the content was, and I should be used to you by now, but Ermi’s right… the opening was SO strong and then flowed right into another perfect pickup of her scene. It’s like the time I said you could put Revelation to rhyme. I believe you could!

    1. lol! No, that’s what personal interpretation means, everybody gets their own take on it! I’m just glad you enjoyed it and I am humbled by your compliments!! I shall be over to see yours very soon too. Thanks Anne!! hugsss

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