Why There Remain?

4 thoughts on “Why There Remain?

  1. for me i think but have no proof, that my sometimes mild depressions visit because i am not tied to the world any longer except through blogging. naturally i am the type of person who likes interaction with other humans, and don’t find this anymore unless being on errands or grocery shopping. i can slip real easy into the pit of pity, but can usually bounce back within a day, but i still don’t like being there even for a day. a child of god should be able to find beauty and positive things at least once a day, but it seems when i slip, i don’t want to find anything positive. it seems that sometimes i like being dark , and i never know why

    1. Well, Terry, I think that is human nature sometimes. I’ve never really been a depressed person in general but I got a good taste of what it’s like when I came down with the MS and I have a new found sympathy for those who suffer with it chronically. I think seclusion is a big factor, as you said. Being around other people uplifts us, as long as they aren’t depressed too 🙂 xxx

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