Scary Times, But It’s Okay!

Well, I don’t ever want to go through that again!!!!!!  After much anxiety and prayers (thank you everyone who added theirs to mine), Christopher is doing better.  They have decided that he has Croup.  They gave him steroids and several breathing treatments, x-rays of the chest also .  Kept him for a while for observation and then sent him home last night.

I’m not sure my poor daughter could have taken a longer process than what they had to go through.  It’s always so frightening when something happens to your baby! (or grandchild for that matter).

You all were quick to respond to my prayer request and Shawna & Christopher appreciate you ever so much!!  Thank you from all three of us!

God is good.  All glory and praise be His!!

Love and hugs to you, my friends,


12 thoughts on “Scary Times, But It’s Okay!

    1. Thank you!!!!! Yes, we are very grateful. It was so sad that on the way to the hospital CJ asked Shawna if he was going to die 😦 Poor baby! Of course, it broke her heart to hear him being so scared too. God is most definitely the greatest!!! xxxx God bless you too!

      1. no I didn’t get it I haven’t been getting everything squirrels ate thru wiring on canopy on roof that gives me cable for computer patched right now so still iffy when I am on so could you do a redo?

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