In The Waiting Room


I wrote this poem while waiting on Mark at the hospital last Tuesday.  He was getting his second round of shots in his back and it was taking much longer than the last time.  I began to worry and pray that nothing went wrong.  Of course, everything was fine and they called me back to get him and take him home.  


10 thoughts on “In The Waiting Room

    1. Thanks Karen! I know, right!! Especially when the first round went so quickly and the second seemed like it was 10 times longer. When you are messing around with the spine, it’s always scary but even more so in our circumstances. What would we ever do with both of us disabled? God forbid! hugssssss

    1. I know what that’s like! I used to be the same way and then I quit after the whole MS deal. However, I think it’s going hand in hand with the rise of my depression. I seem to be doing it more than usual again 😦

      1. i don’t know if it is the heat or lack of a special someone in my life, but mild depression has been over me for a week or so now. i want to cry but it doesn’t come nor would it help me. i just hate the being alone thing, and when i think upon my kids, they don’t really need me anymore. the thoughts of getting old and alone over take me, and i think to myself, is this all there is? this is a different topic away from god, this is me talking. i know all about waiting on god, but it doesn’t make it easier for me

      2. No, Terry, it doesn’t. And part of your problem is you have no opportunity to meet someone because you are a home so much of the time 😦 I know it’s hard but you must be patient. One thing at a time, my friend! You need me you know where I am. We can be depressed together 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. Terry1954, please cheer up! Others are thinking of you, even when you don’t know it. People need people, and it’s no surprise that you feel bad now, because you miss having a special someone and your kids are grow. Also, it’s funny but many of us seem down right now. Why?
    I pray that others will surround you with their love, and that the Lord Jesus will help you to sense that He is with you, loving you infinitely!

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