Oh Lord, My God

8 thoughts on “Oh Lord, My God

    1. Thanks Terry! I am, for the most part. Just having a little bout with anxiety/depression. I don’t know if it’s an MS flare up or what but it’s been mounting for a couple of weeks now and I just went to the doctor and got a new anti-depressant to try. We’ll see if that works 🙂 Not to worry though. Thanks for asking my dear friend! xxxxoxxxx

  1. Please stay well my dear friend. I know it is hard but hand it to the Lord and pray thanking HIM for removal of anxiety/depression. I am here if you need me, Love & Hugs ((())) xxx

    1. Thank you Len!! I’m trying 🙂 And I promise that if it gets too bad, I’ll call out out you for help! I appreciate your concern, sister of mine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Becca! It seems that there are several of us have the same problem right now!!!! I wonder why? Too much heat, stress, bills, strife? hugssss

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