Why I Should Win The Freelance Writer’s Den Contest!

I have been watching the Writer’s Den grow over the last year, just as I have watched my blog grow.  I have debated several times over buying a membership but just couldn’t afford it.  I would love to earn a free 1 year membership!

There are so many resources; e-books, webinars, classes, etc. that come included and I definitely can use the guidance they would provide me to go from a non-professional to a professional status.

Of course, many of my long time followers know, I have been writing as long as I can remember.  It is my truest passion.  I love my jewelry making too but writing is definitely number one!

Several people have been encouraging me over the last year to pursue publication of my poems, which is something that I DEFINITELY desire to do but haven’t the faintest idea of how to go about it.  I believe the Den will provide me with the tools I need to be more confident in myself and gain me some experience as well.

My greatest goal in life has always been to write!  Up until the last year, it was a dream.  Over this past year, with the growth of this blog, I have been blessed with the knowledge that I just might be a better writer than I ever thought I was.

The only thing that stops me is this; as many of you know, I am disabled with MS.  I draw on the Social Security Disability Benefits that I have paid into since I was 15 years old.  I don’t feel bad about doing that, since I’m not scamming the system, but I fear losing those benefits since that is my sole contribution to our household income.  If I’m not good enough of a writer to make a regular income and I lose my benefits over a fluke, one time publication, I will play heck trying to get them back.

So, that is what has stopped me up until this point in time.  Now with the new laws and S.S. cuts they are trying to pass, I may need to step out in faith and see what my future holds, writing professionally?

And, to sum it up, that is the reason I think that I should win the contest for a 1 yr free membership!

Thank you for the opportunity to enter, Carol!

Good luck to all of the other contestants!




10 thoughts on “Why I Should Win The Freelance Writer’s Den Contest!

  1. If anyone deserves this, it is you. You are a dedicated writer and always so consistant
    in providing us with your beautiful poems and writings, I think that your leap of faith will not go unnoticed by the man who really counts in all this. Do you ??? He is looking down and saying – “This is her time to shine”. May you rise to the top of all who enter.
    Blessings ,,,,,
    Izzy xoxo

  2. Oh good luck terri! you deserve this and I pray God will see the way clear and it is His plan to open up an abundance of blessings and books for you! Then SS Dis can just be that ….Dissed!

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