Hello My Friends!!

Hello my friends!!  I have missed you all very much.  I have been extremely tied up right now with my jewelry; Sara and going back to school things; family crisis; and today my mother’s eldest brother passed away.  

So there has been a lot of hectic stuff to deal with, along with my normal health issues and a slight shingles re-occurance 😦

I had a few minutes and decided to take the time to catch up with you all and do a few quick posts.

It will probably be another week or so of the hit and miss posts/responses, I’m sorry.

I hope to be back on a regular schedule soon though!

Love and hugs to you all!!  God bless, Terri


10 thoughts on “Hello My Friends!!

    1. Was wondering ugh shingles so painful! so sorry to hear about your Uncle, hope all is well with daughter. BTS is such a rush rush thing don’t understand why everything (supplies) have to be bought all at once my 3rd grade g-son needs 4 reams of copy paper all to lug to school 1st day along with spirals backpack 4 boxes of kleenex 2 boxes of crayons and colored pencils and on and on what is the point?h sorry got off track. anyway Good to hear fromyou God Bless and in my prayers alwasys!

      1. Thank you Len! Yes, it is a bit much isn’t it? Why can’t you just buy what they need by the semester? Would be easier and cheaper too. God bless you too Len and I hope your health is better too. Hugssss


  1. Hope all gets resolved real soon. Sorry for your loss. It is always difficult to lose someone that is special to us. Stress and exhaustion are not good for your health. It is best to take time off and rest. There will be better to days to come.

    1. thank you Izzy! I have been trying to take it easy. I slept for 10 hours last night and I feel like I have a hangover now, lol! But I’m not going to push it either. I have already postponed the jewelry sale until next weekend, so that takes some of the stress off 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you and I pray that you are well, Terri

  2. Sorry for your lost. Praying God’s comfort for you and your family. Also praying that your health will be restores, shingles are painful. Take care, we are here for you. Get some rest.


  3. Terri,
    It’s great to hear from you and see you at the same time. I’m sorry about the loss in your family. There is such a mixture of things to deal with in life. Sometimes we are like newscasters who must announce happy things – like getting Sara ready for school, and jewelry making – and then sad news too. God bless you! Get your rest and stay strong in Him!

    1. Thanks Maria!!!! We do have to take the ups with the downs. I try to get as many ups as I can to throw in the mix, 🙂 Sara loves her new school and I am more than thrilled about it! I have been resting a lot here lately and haven’t been stressing myself out about posting every day. I can tell the difference too, even though I feel like I’m letting my followers down sometimes 😦 But I won’t be here at all if I don’t take care of me. Love to you and yours, Terri

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