But I’m Still Here


8 thoughts on “But I’m Still Here

  1. Strangely, I haven’t been receiving your blog posts. i hope they’ll be coming my way, now. I’ve always enjoyed you rpoems and images. This one is so heat warming. Who would not want someone there for them?
    I have a new blog in addition to my other one :
    It is for my photographs. My other blog http:/insidethemindofisadora.wordpress.com/ is sill a functioning blog for my writing. Hope your doing well. how is your jewlery sales going?

    1. There’s good reason for that, Izzy, I haven’t been posting. Been fighting some depression 😦 Hopefully, I will do well at the “Artisan Market” Saturday and that will lift my spirits!!!! Wish me luck?! xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Babygirl!! Doing a big “Artisan Market” table on Saturday and I’m swamped trying to get ready. Say a prayer that I do well, please, ’cause I haven’t the last two times due to weather, local festival interference, etc. That’s part of why I’ve been depressed lately, I think. Mega hugs and smooches with much love too, Mom


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