Or Am I The One?


7 thoughts on “Or Am I The One?

    1. Yes, dear friend, it is – sorta. You know me though, it may be dented and bruised right now but my faith is still ever present! I’m wondering some what the same thing, or rather re-learning. Maybe I’ve gotten complacent over the last seven years and this is a little wake up call that I need to do more than just “talk a good talk” so to speak. Thank you for always being there for me with your kind thoughts and words and prayers!! I appreciate you more than words can ever express! I put an update on Len’s response if you want to come on site to read it.
      Mega hugs and love, Terri

      1. Terri, I went there and read Len’s comment and your reply. I’m sorry that your Dad was confused, but he was injured and that sounds kind of normal for injury plus medication.
        Also, please don’t beat yourself up with words like maybe you need to do more than just talk. Please.
        Mega hugs to you!
        You know I did reblog “Shades of Black,” and also posted a link with the image on my new Facebook page. Perhaps lol you think I’m crazy for attempting Facebook? I wonder myself…

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