Sharing Time; Dad, Jewelry & New Endeavors

Well, dad is in an extended care facility now.  He’s going through re-hab and sleeping a lot.  I’m sure that’s partially due to the pain meds and partially the depression.  We will just have to keep an eye on it.  At least I’m not crying all the time about it.

I have some new jewelry pictures to share with you and also the new creative endeavors that I am pursuing.  Shouldn’t have spent the money it took to get started but I figured that Christmas is coming up – people shopping for gifts and me needing gifts for the 6 females in the family.

I hoped, too, it would help jar me out of this depression.  I hope you like!!

Love and hugs to you all, Terri


Can’ see the beads very well but this is made with ice blue and lavender beads.

This is some variety of jade green stone.

This one is of turquoise and coral colored stone.

Various colors of green glass.

You can’t tell it but the beads I used in this are those iridescent kind that change colors in the light.

Turquoise, shell and bone.


I have been working on some wire art pieces and this is one.

This is made of shell, tinted in rainbow colors, and buffalo bone.

I used buffalo bone, leather and wood in this one.

Here is another of green glass.

Here we have glass, ceramic and wood.

Shell, turquoise and coral on memory wire.

Just used glass and acrylic on this set but I thought it turned out really pretty.


Same with this one too.


And, of course, this it “stabilized” turquoise.  (whatever that means)

Now, you have to remember, when looking at the next few, that I am a total novice when it comes to working with polymer clay but I think I’m off to a good start anyway.  Let me know what you think of them, be honest too, lol!

was so mad when I started to put these two sets together.  I had made matching beads for my “Pandora” bracelet but when I went to put them on, they were too narrow to get the chain through.  So I had to sit there this morning with a pair of scissor and a Phillip’s head screwdriver, since I’m ill-equipped on tools, and bore the holes out until they would fit!  I was a little testy about it but I think they look great now that I got it done.

Well, I’m off to run an errand before picking Sara up from school.

Thanks for all the support and lovely comments, you are all much too good to me!!


Love and mega hugs,















8 thoughts on “Sharing Time; Dad, Jewelry & New Endeavors

    1. Thanks Terry! I haven’t decided that point yet. Some will be for Christmas, some for selling and some for our own personal use. (Of course, I have a hard time not keeping them all for myself, lol!) Hope you are well. xxxoxxx

    1. Thanks Angie!! I just set up an Etsy account and will be putting some stuff on there soon. I am also working on a sort of catalog that I will e-mail upon request. I thought that might be a good way to get things out there to some of you all who have asked me about buying something that they have seen me post. It is helping a lot right now to keep me busy and not worrying so much about dad, though he is doing lot better as well. I will do an update soon on all this. Thanks again Angie, you are always so encouraging to me and I truly appreciate it. xxxxx

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  2. Terri,
    I’m so glad you’re not crying all the time, and that your Daddy is getting the care he needs, and also that you can enjoy creating in such a lovely art form as jewelry making. They look great. Another friend I know has worked with polymer clay, and it’s appearance is lovely and delicate.
    Bless you in Jesus’ Love!!!

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