The Good, Bad and Not Too Ugly

Hello my dear friends.   There’s good news, not so good news and hopeful news.  So let us get the bad stuff out of the way first.  I went to see Penny last night.  Morale was low but I brought a couple of smiles to her face while I was there, even Sara got one or two herself.

My poor friend is right back where she was when she came home from the hospital after the sepsis; wound vacuum, on oxygen and dealing with physical therapy.  The new kicker is, after the plastic surgery to repair that calf muscle that they had to cut into last time, there is a huge knot there and she says it hurts like a boil.  I try my best to keep reminding her that it could be worse and she could have lost that foot/leg last year when it was such a close call.  She said that she tries to keep it all in perspective but still gets down about starting over when she was so close to completely healed.   I took her a jigsaw puzzle to work on, she gets so bored with not being able to drive.

Dad is doing much, much better!  He has no sling and is driving without any problems.  It seems that his mental awareness is back to normal, as much as can be expected for his age.  So that is great news.

I have almost got the Etsy shop ready to open.  My goal was for last Sunday, but digital imaging problems occurred and I missed that deadline.  Now I just want to be open before Thanksgiving.  I think maybe this Sunday.  Here are a few more things I have been working on in the between time;

I changed the name of our shop WhatsUpDesigns to BlessedMSGallery, I may change it again before I open.  Every thing that I think of comes up already  used.  What do you think of the new name?

That’s it for now, I have to go take some more pictures, but I’ll leave you with this:


Love, hugs and blessings to you all!!!



4 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and Not Too Ugly

  1. T, you are a marvel getting all that stuff made while dealing with all the other stuff and being so vital to so many. Blessings to you

  2. So good to see you again you al have had a terrible time of it this year, so heres praying for a big turnaround for you. Not sure I like the new name but hey what do I know? Just tickled that u r bk!

  3. These are magnificent Terrie… very beautiful.. you are not only a talented poet, a motivator, but you are also a jewelry maker, a crafts woman! really beautiful.. :-).. I wish all the best for you and hopefully you will open your store in time and people shall flock to your store and buy them like candy! :-D… I’m also glad that your dad feeling better… Much love to you and im always here when you want to have a chat.. just email me… xoxoxoxoxo.. 😀

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