A Place To Hide

place to hide

Image source: dark.pozadia.org

I have not been on here for a few days because I couldn’t talk about what’s been going on in my world yet.  This poem will worry some of you, dear friends, but please don’t let it.  This is a statement of mindset and NOT of intent.  I would ask you to say a few prayers for me, however, for my life to bounce back from my latest crisis quickly.  I promise to tell you more very soon, I just can’t get into it quite yet.

With that said, I hope you all had a better holiday than I did and I want to wish you all a safe and very, very Happy New Year!!!

With my love and God’s blessings,


15 thoughts on “A Place To Hide

  1. Reaching out to you through cyber space with a hug and prayers.
    Lord we come to you this morning on behalf of our friend and Sister in Faith Terri, Lord God we do not know the situation or circumstances in which she needs your help but God we just ask that you reach out and touch her mind, body and spirit. Lord God let her feel your love and the warmth of your embrace. Give her strength Lord and wisdom, help her Lord in any way she and her loved ones need. We ask these things and thank you Lord in your Son Jesus’ name . Amen and Amen

    1. And Amen! Thank you sweet Sister! I appreciate it and you more than you could know. BTW, I have a prototype ready to send you a pic’ of but I ran out of gloss and so it’s not quite ready yet. I think I’ll just have to send it to you and you can carry it around for a while to see how it holds up before we get into the details of the matter. Talk to you soon about that on Etsy. Love and hugs, Terri

      1. Terri with all you have going on don’t worry about the order for heavens sake, least of your worries or should be. I am praying for you dear sister. hugs and love ((xx))

    1. Yes and no. I’m getting ready to do a post, not when I had planned but dad’s in the hospital with pneumonia and I need to ask for more prayers. So, you should be seeing it pop up pretty soon. xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Edie! Did I ever tell you that was my favorite Aunt’s name? It was short for Edna May. I miss her a lot, especially at times like these. God bless, T

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