I Had No Choice But To Do It Now

Hi everybody!  I had no choice but to do another post today and ask for even more prayer.  Mom just called and they are admitting dad to the hospital with pneumonia.  She said his left lung is full of fluid.  He has been sick with the flu since after Christmas and debating whether to go to the ER for the last couple of days but they’ve been so many this year that she was afraid Medicare would stop paying for it.  It appears that they waited too long.  Please pray for him!  I guess it’s good that he’s here and not in Florida.  They were delayed in leaving because of the snow, thank God!!

My ordeal started at the beginning of December.  I told Sara that this would be a great lesson for her about counting your chickens before they hatched.  She didn’t know what that meant, lol, so I had to explain it to her but I’m sure you all will get it right away.

Mark definitely hasn’t been happy with me at all over this whole catastrophe!

It all started in September.  I got a letter from my pension fund that my old company was offering me a buyout option.  Since I would only be collecting $60 a month from it, and we needed the money now, I decided to take them up on it.  We had to have all the paperwork filled out and turned in by the first of November.  My benefit to be paid out at the first of December.

With me starting up the store and all, I used some of Mark’s harvest overtime money to purchase supplies and stock my store.  I figured that he wouldn’t be done with harvest until some time in November anyway and I’d replace that money when I got my payout.  The way the weather was doing, I wasn’t too worried about filling our LP tank until around the first part of December either, we had over 20% still left in it to begin with.

I was getting quite a nice sum.  Planned on paying off a lot of bills, fixing my car that’s been broken down since before Thanksgiving, and so on.

Well, the first rolls around and no money.  I called and asked what was going on.  I was told that there were so many people who decided to take the buyout that they were overwhelmed and the checks were delayed for a week or so.  Then a week turned into two.  The weather got cold and we started using up the gas faster.  I had to turn the heat down to 64 to slow the progress.  It’s cold in here and we have to walk around with layered clothing.  Right now I’m sitting here with thick socks on, sweat pants, a tee-shirt and a chenille sweater.  I have a lap blanket too.

When the money still had not arrived by the middle of December, I called them again and was told that they had to set up two runs for the payments and mine was in the second one.  Now I would not be getting my check deposit until Christmas Eve.  I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.  Mark was furious with me!!  I told him that I knew it was my fault and all I could do was say that I was sorry.  I was bawling for days.  He said that it better be here by then or s— was going to hit the fan.

I went on site to check on it the 21st and it showed that the electronic transfer was processed for deposit on the 24th.  I thanked God that Christmas would not be totally ruined and Mark could go ahead and use his paycheck to get presents for his family gathering on Christmas Eve.

Not so fast, and this is where the suicidal thoughts came in.  That morning I went to check my bank account and no money!!!!  I got on the phone to the bank first, just making sure that they were not holding it for 24 hours like they do a check you hand deposit.  They said no.

I call the pension people, now a total wreck, and found out that they sent it to the wrong bank transit number!!  A week or two prior, one of their ladies and I had caught that error and fixed it.  We even laughed about how upset I would have been if we hadn’t.  And they still sent it to the wrong number!!!!!!!!!

I think Mark and Sara were doing a watch on me all day.  I was in no shape to go to his parent’s house so they went by themselves but came home a couple of times to check on me and see if I was up to coming over, supposedly.

I was told that I now had to wait until the money bounced back to them before they could get it issued in a physical check and mail it to me.  That is, of course, as long as that number didn’t actually go to a real bank.  If it did, then I would have to go to that bank and negotiate the return of my funds!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my world!  I still have not received my money yet, though it is supposedly on the way.  We have less than 10% gas left.  All the people that I made payment arrangements with to pay-off on the 1st are still waiting for their money.  A couple even threatened to sue. 

IT HAS BEEN A HELL OF MY OWN CREATION!  Who would ever have thought this would happen?  We are talking about TRW (my employer) and Fidelity (pension holder)!  They are not some mom and pop operation and have no excuse, in my book, for how this all turned out.  They not only ruined Christmas for my little family, who have received nothing as of this date, but now my New Year’s Eve plans with my grandchildren as well!

Now we are faced with dad in the hospital too.  I fear that he is not going to make it through this winter.  So, again, I must enlist my prayer warriors in cyberspace to do their thing!!

Thank you all for listening to me whine, for commenting, for praying and just for being my friends!!!!!!!!!!

When I say that I couldn’t have done it without you, I truly mean it!!!

God bless, Terri

9 thoughts on “I Had No Choice But To Do It Now

  1. It’s not whining when you need support. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Business transactions are so difficult these days with giant companies rather than small places you could walk in, talk to someone, and the problem would be fixed.
    Hugs -lots of hugs

  2. Oh my dear Terrie, sorry i have not really been here for a while, but i just want to say i am truly and very much praying for you and your dad and your whole family and loved ones. You are forever in my thoughts. Much love and a happy new year, hopefully this one will bring blessings and great health and all things happy.

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