Over Me

over me


8 thoughts on “Over Me

    1. Thank you sweet babygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you much 😦 Have so many things to catch up on. Are you doing good?! You are never very far from my thoughts xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

      1. So much to tell you Terrie, so much im dealing with, but id say the most pivotal thing in my life right now is that my grandpa past away last week.. im just in a state of shock right now..i was really close to him and i loved him dearly, and the problem is everyone is telling me what i should feel, or how i should mourn, telling me i should get over it and get on with life and i just dont know how. But im trying hard.. im trying my very hardest.. you are always in my thoughts also. :-)..xoxoxox

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