A Few Wise Words For Your Day & Update on Dad and Mark

Well, dad seems to be doing great since the surgery!  He didn’t even take a pain pill yesterday mom said; he also walked straighter and was more alert that what he had been lately.  thank you God!!

Mark sees his surgeon, same one as dad, tomorrow and will be released to go back to work with restrictions for a couple of weeks.  He went last week to the hip doctor to see about the pain in there but he said it wasn’t the joint, so it must be nerve damage is my guess.  Don’t know that there’s anymore that can be done about that.

And I forgot to tell you about all of these new critters and such.  A few weeks ago on Etsy, I made an $80 sale, woo-hoo!!!  That gave me some supplies money.  I got a few ring blanks and findings but mostly got clay.  Isn’t that great?!  I about dropped my teeth when I saw the email telling me that I’d made a sale.

The following is from a web page that my cousin posted off of on Facebook called: “Lessons Learned in Life” and I thought I would share some of them with you.

633_589183891153321_1452415183_n 1075296_588437347894642_1884938062_n 5362_589569337781443_2097024946_n 15973_589592261112484_567725355_n

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