Introducing My New Friends; Jeffrey, Gerald and Junior – The Three Headed Dragon

( Before I get into this; dad had to go back into surgery on Tuesday to have a biopsy done on his spine.  He was still experiencing a great deal of pain.  The neurosurgeon took a new CAT scan and the radiologist saw something he didn’t like on it.  I guess we are back to worrying about cancer again?  They said he would get the results back in 3-5 days.  Please keep him in your prayers.
Then today, I got a call from Mark at work, his first week back, working 12 hr days and loading a train today, when he got out of the “tugger” which pulls the train cars down the track, he got light headed and said the next thing he knew, one of the other guys was reaching down to help him up off of the ground.  Once I got him home and called the doctor’s office, he said he felt fine.  Against my objections, he said he just wanted to take a nap then see how he feels.  I’ve checked on him twice to make sure he’s still breathing.  Because of his past alcoholism, he has severe liver damage and sometimes the ammonia builds up too much in his system.  There’s nothing they can really do for him anyway, if that’s what it was, and he just needs to get himself cleaned out.  I’m still gonna try to get him to go to Urgent Care anyway.)

I am giving you all the first look at my latest inspiration.  Jeffrey, Gerald and Junior are the central characters in a new series of clay figures that I will be developing.  I don’t plan on selling them but rather all their little fairyland friends with a mini-story or poem based on their interaction with each other.  (I hope that made sense the way I said it.)

I was reading a blog post on one of the clay web-sites I follow and she was talking about how she has been successful with her store on Etsy.  She has had one central character that she has developed little scenes around (it’s her trademark?) and has just recently added a new one.  So I started thinking about what I could come up with similarly.  Who doesn’t love fairies, pixies, trolls and various woodland creatures?  I always made up bedtime stories for Sara when she was little, which she loved more than the books I read her, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Picture 032 Picture 033 Picture 034 Picture 035 Picture 031 Picture 038 Picture 036 Picture 037

Also, I am posting a picture of the “Fandango Doll” I made a couple weekends ago when we had all of the grandchildren out for the night.  I was so busy helping them with their dolls, which I forgot to get pictures of before then left, that mine sat by the wayside half done until after they had left, lol.  By the time I got back to her, she was already starting to sag on me.  For fear of  overly trying to fix her and messing her up completely, I just did the best I could to salvage her.  I call her “Pearl”.  If you can’t tell, she’s a throwback to the Hippy age.

Picture 028



16 thoughts on “Introducing My New Friends; Jeffrey, Gerald and Junior – The Three Headed Dragon

    1. Thank you for the ping! I left you a comment there.
      I’m pretty happy with these guys, I worked on them for about 5 or 6 days before I finished. They make me smile. I already have a few mini stories flitting around my brain, hopefully they stay there :). xxxxxxx Terri

  1. Love your little dragon! That is so amazing! Also, I will be keeping your dad in my prayers. My dad passed away from cancer, so I know how frightful and worrisome it can be. Just remember, God is in control.

    1. Thank you Shannon! And, yes He is. Thank you for your prayers too, they are much appreciated. I’m sorry for your loss.Having had my near death experience, you’d think I would handle the thought of losing dad a little better but I found out last year when he was so ill, that it’s still gonna devastate me. 😦
      I just finished my first dragon’s friend and will be posting a pic with a story teaser, ha ha. My friends here are gonna be peeved at me for not telling the it all but I wouldn’t.
      want any of my prospective customers to stumble across it either or I’d defeat my purpose.
      peace, love and blessings, Terri

      1. Losing someone is never easy, but God is the great comforter. Thank you for your kind words.
        That makes sense! I’ll be looking out for the teaser. (; Do you use Sculpy? That’s what I like to use.

      2. Yes, I do. The others are too expensive and I can usually get Sculpey on sale somewhere. Did you read my post titled Dreams? I was discussing my MS and how claying helps me, that I want to try to get it recognized as a true therapy for patients, and more?
        Well, Sculpey was the clay mfg. that I was saying had emailed me back and we were discussing what they would be willing to do to help me cause.
        The other two have never responded back to me except once. The Fimo Germany office replied within about 3 hours saying they were happy to hear how beneficial it had been to me but they don’t do the manufactuing anymore. They forwarded it to Fimo Canada. I got nothing else from them.
        I just finished the new friend post “Billy Blue”. I don’t know how it will look though ’cause I can never get the pictures to stay in the place I put them when it’s a draft. Oh well, you will get the idea. I just found quite a few clay blogs on here to follow, which one is yours?

      3. That’s awesome! I have read quite a few posts from you and am so glad to see how the clay is acting as a sort of therapy. That is awesome! I like to be crafty, but my blog isn’t a clay blog. It’s just a random blog about anything, really; my faith, my day, thoughts, some stories, etc. It’s (:
        I have a friend that is an art therapy major and she wants to work with military individuals who suffer from PTSD. I think that is really awesome. I think its cool that it can transform over into so many different aspects, to help so many.

      4. Ya, mine isn’t about clay either as you’ve seen. After my NDE, the MS crippling and then my recovery of more than anyone ever dreamed that would, I promised God that I would find some way to give him gloyr for what H had done for me. That’s when I found WordPress. The namecame about by way of tv, lol. I used to get extreme mood swings,notso muh anymore, and would be walking pas the tv while Mark was watchig the news. Some dumb reporter would say something about disasterous event or such and start tryig to rtionalize it away hat 100 people made it to safety without a lifeboat. I would stop on a dime and start yelling athe tv, “What about God? In my day we alled that a miracle you dummy!” My hsband is so patiet with me when I’m having episodes, he’d just look at me and say “Is that all?” I’d rant on a ittle and then walk out. You know you have a good man when he marries you AFTER you’ve been diagnosed with MS and are half crippled 🙂 He is one of my greatest gifts that God has ever given me!! That’s really cool about your friend and the servce men. I never thought of that but I’m sure it would be beneficial. Hey, could you ask her if she has any ideas that might steer me along with whatI’m trying to get done? I have no clue how to go about any of this. I worked in factory offices all my life and didn’t go to college, so I’m really shotting clay pigeons in the dark. Anything she might think of, just leave me a message or e-mail would be fine too. hugs, Terri


      5. I will definitely talk to her about it when I see her this week. I am so happy to hear how God has blessed you with such a wonderful husband! It can be scary when approaching someone with your problems. I have a pretty bad anxiety disorder that really spiked when my ex-fiance and I split last year. I started seeing a man, who is now my boyfriend, who is just so comforting. He has been the first one to not freak out when I’m having an attack, but just tries to calm me down, and help me. We’ve been together since January and I love him, but he doesn’t know that yet. (; God really takes bad situations and turns them around. Everything is for His glory!
        My blog started off as just a type of practice route. I was hired as a student worker at my university to create the new website for the Student Veterans’ Center of FSU, and went through all these WordPress tutorials to learn how it all works (including .com and .org). We are using WordPress as the our base site, if you will. But, I’ve really branched off from just playing around with it and have fallen in love. Its become a great way for me to practice my writing, because, although I’m an English major, I don’t write much outside of the classroom, and this whole summer, that has changed because of this blog. It’s absolutely wonderful. And, it has it’s therapeutic moments too. (:

      6. Thank you Shannon for sharing that with me! Yes, God is good to us, even when we don’t deserve it. It is true that His grace covers a multitude of sins. As an ex-alcoholic/drug addict, I know better than most. When I first got MS I thought I had done this to myself. Finally got the nerve to ask my neurologist about it and she said said there was no way because it’s genetic. That was a big weight off my shoulders
        I’m happy hat you have this man in your life!! Before I met Mark, I had decided that I was happy to be alone. I had just gotten away from my abuser of 13 years and swore to never get involved with another man again. And then, 2 years later, along comes Mark It took him 3 months to get me to even go out with him, lol. Guess his patience won out 🙂 I believe writing is great therapy and you will meet some great people in he WordPress family and blogging world in general.
        Well, gotta go for now and help Mark, his bearded dragon tht he has had for 12 1/2 years just died :(. Many thanks again, blessings and hugs, Terri

      7. *hugs* sending prayers for both you and your husband. I am very happy for you; that God has blessed you so much! (: We will keep in touch for sure. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you!

  2. All of your little clay characters are adorable, Terri, and I think it’s a great idea to create stories around them! I will definitely keep your Dad in my prayers, too. Cancer is horrible beyond words, but hopefully, it’s something else that is less serious. Oh, and Pearl is a cute flashback to the 60’s, also! It sounds like you’ve been very creative lately! My big “doing” for this year is finally publishing my first poetry book. It won’t be out until October, but it’s in the production stages and very exciting. I wanted to make this happen for my parents, In loving memory of Mom, but while my Dad is still around. He’s 93 and in good health, but he is “up there” so I needed to act upon my “talking about it.” Anyway, it’s good to be here again and it was nice to see you in my world, too! Lots of hugs and blessings to you. xo

    1. Congratulations Lauren!! I am very happy for you, may it be a best seller!!!
      Yes, I have been busy with all my clay learning and projects.
      I just finished my first dragon’s friend and will be posting a pic with a story teaser, ha ha. You guys here are gonna be peeved at me for not telling you it all but I wouldn’t.
      want any of my prospective customers to stumble across it either or I’d defeat my purpose. Glad you had the chance to drop in and see him. xoxoxoxoxo

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