7 thoughts on “Spinning

    1. Thanks dear friend!! Yes, that is the truth, done it many times before and I’m sure I’ll do it again. Some times are just harder than others but I don’t ever give up, must be the Irish stubbornness in me, lol! I have had to put my other plans on hold, obviously, but I haven’t dropped the dream. I’m dissappointed with the lack of response I’ve gotten to the e-mails that I sent 4 weeks ago the MS Foundation and Society about all of it though, still hoping to hear something. I appreciate your support, Karen, it means a lot to me! xxxxxxxxxxx

  1. Very deep and wonderful poem, Terri, and I think your words will resonate with many…but yes, we have to bounce back up and I love what you wrote, about not dropping the dream..that could lead to another poem. 🙂 Many hugs and blessings to you, my friend..xoxo

    1. Yes, sweetest heart, I think there are many out there today who can totally connect with those words/emotions in that poem. And as for there being another poem in the dream, lol, already working on it! I’m taking great care to stay one step ahead of that MS spiral depression though, if I go there it won’t be easy to bounce back very quickly 😦 Last time was about 6 months total and I don’t ever want to do that again! I was going to e-mail you this weekend anyway, probably Sunday. Lotta love, mega hugs and every blessing, Terri
      P.S. Thanks for always watching out for me and mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hope you didn’t stay up all night waiting for that Lauren!! lol Mark’s brother came over yesterday and helped him set up the basement with all his WWII models and supplies so he can start working on his dioramas. At the same time, finally having a day off from being sick, I was re-organizing my craft room with some of the living room and visa-versa. We both overdid it on our sciatic nerves and were suffering for it this morning (mine were inflamed on both sides making it even harder to sit or stand) but, with me, I wanted to get as much as possible done ’cause I’ll probably sick again in another day or so. 😦 I promise to write you as soon as I can sit in this computer chair for more than just a minute or two!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      2. Oh, no worries, Terri, you have a lot on your plate, so just take care of You and your hubby! Write when you can, I totally understand! Sending much love and hugs your way, too, my friend! xoxo

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