Updates From My Scattered Mind

Dad:  Finished up with his physical therapy last week for his back.  He doesn’t think it helped that much but mom does, 🙂  His dementia is progressing 😦

Mom:  Cataract surgery was successful.  Everything is looking good, lol!

Mark:  Not much change 😦  He has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and we’ll see what he says then.  I don’t think the heart medicine that he gave him is doing anything to improve his condition.

Blaine:  My son found out last week that he and his wife, Cait, are having twins!  Not identical, each in their own sack.  Due 5/27  🙂

Keith:  My brother’s wife, Lisa, was in a head-on collision a few of weeks ago on her way home from school (she is a teacher).   It shattered her ankle and broke a bone in her neck.  Home from the hospital now.  Cast on for ? and neck brace for 3 – 4 months but we are thankful to still have her with us!!

 I’m getting ready to take some things up to a consignment shop we have here in town, wish me luck!  (Oh ya, the bride and groom cats are what I made for my son and his wife’s wedding present.)

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  God bless and keep you this holiday season!!  Love and hugs, Terri

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6 thoughts on “Updates From My Scattered Mind

    1. Thank you my sweet friend! I guess the tornado season that unseasonably hit my state has hit my family as well 😦 Here’s hoping for a better year in 2014! xxxxxxoxxxxo

  1. A heartfelt congratulations to Blaine! you’ll be a grandmother to twins! must be exciting 🙂 🙂

    I will be keeping your dad in my prayers, hoping for recovery, stay strong Terri! 🙂

    1. Thanks Andy! It’s hard to see the indestructible man of my childhood (dad’s are always bigger than life) suffer such regression let alone the ravages of dementia 😦 It’s hard on my mom too. She is so used to always being on the go and now she spends most of her time taking care of him. My husband, Mark, just heard from his regular doctor that he wants him to get a second opinion on his diagnosis. Don’t know what that is all about but I guess we will see if it comes out any different than the two we all ready have. We are hanging in there though. It’s been an adjustment for me to have him home all of the time when I’m used to being alone all day. We appreciate you thoughts and prayers, Andy!!! Bless you, Terri

      1. The way you describe your dad, I hope my daughter will be the same way, this generation of kids just want to be away from the parents and barely if at all keep in touch, but the way you are there for your dad is awesome 🙂

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